Textbook silliness

When I took over an Algebra 2 class in the middle of the school year, the person in charge of textbooks gave me a bunch of copies of our textbook. I kept these books in my cabinet and unfortunately didn’t keep close track of them. I returned all of the books I had to the textbook office yesterday and I was told that I am still missing 5 Algebra 2 textbooks. If I don’t return them, I will be charged for them. I have no idea where those books would be. The only thing I can think of is that since I use a colleague’s room for Algebra 2, I maybe some other students looked in the cabinet and used those textbooks. ???

Are textbooks as big of a headache at other schools?

By the way, all students are required by law to have textbooks (Williams v. State of California, 2004). Back in May, a woman from our district came to our school to make sure that all students had textbooks. She came into our classes, asked “Do you all have textbooks?” and left in less than 10 seconds. Ta dah!! Our school is “Williams Compliant.”

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