Distributive property

It’s been a roller-coaster week. The beginning of the week was really rough but encouragement from friends helped me recharge a bit.

Some good progress to report today. Nearly all my Algebra 1 students were successfully applying the distributive property after a short lesson today. (Lesson involved cut out pictures of food stuck to the whiteboard with magnets.)

After a few examples like this, I asked students to work in groups and then come to the board to write out the answers to some problems involving the distributive property. Either they already knew about the distributive property, or the food analogy helped.

One week left before Winter Break.

9 thoughts on “Distributive property

  1. This is excellent! I am teaching my Pre Algebra students this concept and several of my students are not getting it. This is brilliant. What student wouldnt get it using something they can relate to. “Food!”

  2. Thanks for posting this! I’m writing a lesson plan in multiplying polynomials and incorporating this activity. I think using something they are familiar with will make the lesson more relatable and relevant!

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