Bunch of updates

1. It’s hard for students to focus during the last week of school. I rewarded one of my classes with a pizza party for working so hard on a test. The students were playing their music during the party and it made my smile to hear them getting excited over music from the 80s.

2. One of my students has been behaving badly in class and I wrote a note to her basketball coach to ask for his advice on how to reach her. The note set off a chain of unexpected events. First, the student was suspended from the team. She was angry at me today, but I think we had a good chat and got over that. Then, the coach came to my class today and used up the last 15 minutes to lecture the entire class. He was trying to be helpful, but it definitely was not the way I was intending to end class for 2009. He even started giving them a mini lesson on how to calculate percent!! (?!)

3. Grades had to be turned in today. I didn’t have any problems with the computer system for grade entry this time. Woo hoo!

4. Magic erasers are amazing! I was able to remove some tagging (sharpie on painted metal door) with one. AMAZING! And all the scuff marks on walls–GONE IN A FLASH! Seriously, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love magic erasers. I need to figure out how to get them to underwrite this blog.

5 thoughts on “Bunch of updates

  1. Hooray! You finished your first semester at RCHS without significant bodily injury to yourself or the students! Even the tone of your magic eraser excitement is refreshing; the goofy enthusiasm is still there. Have a great break, and see you soon, dbear.

  2. Wow! What an interesting mix of news. About what the coach did… my first reaction was “yikes” and “how intrusive” but then my next reaction was “wow, that coach was really trying to back you up.” I guess it is good that the coach is sending a clear message that sports are a privilege earned by effort in school. Seems like a positive message. I also wonder if this student also had behavioral issues on the team and your note was the last straw, or more evidence to help the coach do something she/he thought was needed. So maybe you were also backing up the coach by communicating about the student. Hopefully the student will do better in the long run in both settings. I will be interested to hear how this plays out in the new year.

    Congrats on finishing the semester. Way to go Mistah!

  3. Congrats Dazzaaaaaaaaa. I also think that, even if slightly misdirected, the coach-thing is good (for exactly the same reasons). I have no idea what a magic eraser is and must now go google it 😛

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