Dilemma about a graduating senior

A 12th grader transferred to our school and into my Algebra 1 class two weeks before the end of class. He needs to pass Algebra 1 to graduate from high school. He tells me that he had a B in Algebra 1 before coming to our school, but I have no proof of that.

He shows up to class about 4 days in those two weeks, doesn’t do a whole lot of work, then takes the final and gets a 16/40.  This week the seniors are all out of class practicing for graduation and checking out of school, so we won’t get a chance to work on the math any more. But, would that be productive anyway?

I would hate to fail this student and prevent him from graduating from high school just because of Algebra 1. He’s already passed the CAHSEE, so he should have a passing knowledge of Algebra 1.

My current plan is to take his prior “B” and average it with my “F” and give him a “D” so he can graduate.

I think it’s crazy that students are transferring to our school at such a late date.

3 thoughts on “Dilemma about a graduating senior

  1. I think you’re making a mistake here. This student can attend the graduation and then take the course in the summer. What is the CAHSEE?

    The kicker to me is what you said about attendance and effort. Isn’t this class important, if it’s a graduation requirement? One of your lines is very telling here actually:

    “I would hate to fail this student and prevent him from graduating.”

    It is the student’s responsibility to earn a grade. In this unusual situation I would be likely to award a grade based on either achievement or effort, but in this case there is neither. I would give this student an F for the term and an I (incomplete) for the year. If no incomplete can be submitted, an F for the year.

  2. I hope you were able to get that transcript! late arriving students are the worst – because you have no rapport with them. I feel the same as you, though. If I had proof of that B, I would have given him the D to get out of high school.

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