Wireless sound distribution

One lovely thing about my school is that it is new and has lots of shiny features. For example, the rooms were all recently set up for wireless sound distribution. Each teacher received a wireless teardrop microphone and a wireless handheld microphone. The microphones connect to a receiver in one of the closets and then transmits the sound in speakers mounted in the ceiling of the room.

I was a little skeptical at first about the microphone system, but I am now a believer–the system helps in that I can speak normally (with the teardrop microphone hanging from my neck) and my voice is then is nicely distributed around the room. I don’t have to raise my voice and can speak in a more even tone, which I think helps the students feel more calm.

The handheld microphone is also very handy as I can use it to allow different students to speak. I’ve told the students that when someone is trying to speak, everyone needs to be silent. It’s a nice combination of the talking stick idea and technology.

So far, the students seem very receptive to the system and they seem to get quiet quicker when I want their attention. I also don’t feel quite so worn out at the end of the day because of having to PROJECT MY VOICE FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME–it’s surprising how tired that makes you feel.

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