My students love to ask me about marijuana, whether I think it should be legalized, whether I’ve used it before, whether I like it, etc. I usually try to deflect their questions. For example, here’s a conversation from today.

Students: “Mister, do you like MJ?” (laughing)

Me: “Oh, you mean Michael Jackson? Oh yeah, I love his music. He was so talented.”

Students: “No, no we mean marijuana. Do you like smoking pot?”

Me: (while walking away) “Oh yeah, Michael Jackson is great. Especially that video ‘Thriller’.”

Tee hee.

But seriously, pot usage seems rampant at our school. One kid asked to go to the bathroom today. He came back with a distinct odor.

One thought on “Marijuana

  1. It’s rampant at all high schools. I’ve taught at a poor suburban school and at a rich private school and their love of marijuana was something they had in common. Most kids advocating legalization don’t even realize that even if it were legalized, there would be an age restriction, probably 21, so for them it would still be prohibited.

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