Student in wrong class

One of my students told me yesterday that she thinks she is in the wrong class. She’s a ninth grader, says she passed Algebra 1 but she’s in my Algebra 1 class now. I’m sad that she managed to slip through the cracks until this point. I vaguely remember her telling me that she already passed Algebra 1 and I told her to speak to the school counselor, but that was months ago and I forgot to follow up on that comment.

I’ve arranged an appointment between this student and the school counselor tomorrow morning. If she is able to switch to Geometry, I will require her to stay after school for extra help until she catches up with the class. Will post an update later on what happens.

UPDATE: Either the student was genuinely confused or she was lying. The counselor looked up her grades and she failed Algebra 1 last year in 8th grade. <sigh>

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