Don’t use pipecleaners to make triangles

Today’s activity in Geometry involved building triangles with various side lengths. Students were supposed to come to an understanding of why you cannot build a triangle with side lengths 2in, 3in and 6in. It’s standard to use straws, but I was short on time to go to the store and only had pipecleaners. Don’t use pipecleaners for this activity! It doesn’t work because the pipecleaners are bent too easily and don’t make nice triangles.

Will try again on Monday with straws. On the other hand, students had fun making silly things with pipecleaners.

2 thoughts on “Don’t use pipecleaners to make triangles

  1. If your students are starting to be silly with you (rather than obstructive, mean and rude) then you are making real progress! Also good that you can appreciate their silliness (and not feel like it is one of the other things). You are the best.

    • Thanks for reminding me–yeah, I am starting to build really good rapport with some of my kids and I need to be thankful for that. It certainly makes class much more fun.

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