PDEs Course: Progress Update #3 (Early Student Feedback)

Last week I used our exit ticket as a way to get feedback about the course so far. I’m very encouraged that all of the feedback was positive.

“Neat! I solved my first PDE and I’m proud.”

“This class is great so far…  I am enjoying this class more than I thought I would.”

“I like the set up of the class such that we can take the quizzes whenever and retake them.”

“I really like the class format. Still to experience this, but in theory I like the competence testing format you’ve chosen. Seems like a good system.”

“There’s a lot more focus on applications and examples than I expected. I really like this–it helps me understand why we’re doing this.”

“Good. I’m still nervous because DEs are my weak spot. But class is good.”

So I’m going to keep on truckin’.

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