PDEs Course: Progress Update #4

Proficiency assessments (PAs) are proceeding nicely in my partial differential equations (PDEs) course. I'm posting some of the logistical details here in case it helps other instructors. PAs are my attempt to allow students more flexibility in demonstrating their mathematical proficiency in my class. I wrote more about my intentions behind these PAs in this post.… Continue reading PDEs Course: Progress Update #4

Making Thinking Visible

Together with Pam Mason, I help to design professional development for Math for America Los Angeles. Right now we have about 85 Teaching Fellows and Master Teaching Fellows in our program. This year, we decided to implement something new to help "make thinking visible"--that's my best version of what to call this thing. It's not new, just… Continue reading Making Thinking Visible

PDEs Course: Progress Update #3 (Early Student Feedback)

Last week I used our exit ticket as a way to get feedback about the course so far. I'm very encouraged that all of the feedback was positive. "Neat! I solved my first PDE and I'm proud." "This class is great so far...  I am enjoying this class more than I thought I would." "I… Continue reading PDEs Course: Progress Update #3 (Early Student Feedback)

PDEs Course: Progress Update #2

I'd like to smack the person who came up with the idea of these proficiency assessments. It is turning out to be a huge amount of work to find several PDE problems that are similar enough in content area and difficulty. So many hours invested and I haven't even finished one set of proficiency assessments… Continue reading PDEs Course: Progress Update #2

PDEs Course: Progress Update #1

My partial differential equations course has started!!  I have more students than I expected, but I have two amazing teaching assistants to help. Students' responses to the idea of the proficiency assessments has been all positive so far. I've decided to structure each 75-minute class in the following way: First 3 minutes of class: I… Continue reading PDEs Course: Progress Update #1