Classroom atmosphere

Every class has it’s own character that is difficult to predict and change. What’s fascinating is watching how the atmosphere of a classroom changes when students enter or leave a class. This has been happening in some of my classes because of the new semester.

In the process of growing from 25 students to 31 students, my sixth period Algebra 1 class has gotten much rowdier. Most of this is due to a new student who is very loud and rambunctious. The first day she was in my class, she told me that she hates math and is only in my class because her “judge ordered her to go to school.” She loves coming up to the front of the room and bossing everyone around as if she were the teacher.

Today, she complained very loudly about being sick and wanting to go to sleep. Since she was so loud and full of energy, I wasn’t letting her to go the nurse’s office since she didn’t really seem that sick. She left class anyway. She came back later and apologized. I’m nervous about having her in my class, but I’m also glad I get to work with her. I need to find some ways to let her get rid of her extra energy; maybe I could give her some special responsibilities or leadership roles.

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