After-school professional development 2

Guess what, dear readers? Today's after-school professional development meeting was wonderfully productive! Today, we shared lesson ideas with each other in small interdisciplinary groups. We were given a specific protocol for sharing our lessons and giving/receiving feedback. I got some very helpful feedback from my colleagues on my lesson. I think I know what made… Continue reading After-school professional development 2

After-school professional development

This blog post is about the professional development meeting that we teachers had after school today. We must attend these meetings and, except when we get to meet with other teachers in our disciplines, they are usually dreadful. Before I unleash my vitriol, I should note that it's very difficult to plan meaningful professional development… Continue reading After-school professional development

Seattle judge rejects school board adoption of math textbooks

Here's another sign that the "math wars" have intensified to a new level:  a judge in Seattle sides with a parent, a retired math teacher and a professor at the University of Washington by rejecting a decision by the Seattle School Board to adopt the Discovering Mathematics textbooks by Key Curriculum Press. You can read… Continue reading Seattle judge rejects school board adoption of math textbooks

Classroom atmosphere

Every class has it's own character that is difficult to predict and change. What's fascinating is watching how the atmosphere of a classroom changes when students enter or leave a class. This has been happening in some of my classes because of the new semester. In the process of growing from 25 students to 31… Continue reading Classroom atmosphere

Results of final exams

This week I've been thinking a lot about the purpose of summative assessments and about my students' performance. I'm not thrilled about how my students performed on their final exams this week. A few of my students scored at the "proficient" level on the recent district periodic assessment; most of them scored in the "below… Continue reading Results of final exams