Interesting article: “Female teachers transmit math anxiety to female students”

Articles doesn’t seem to be released yet, but there is a short write-up on Ars Technica:

“A new study suggests that elementary school may be a breeding ground for this anxiety. The study found that when elementary school teachers, who are primarily female, displayed a high level of anxiety about math, that skittishness was transmitted to their female students. Those students who spent a year with a math-phobic teacher displayed lower math achievement and an increased belief in stereotypes about female mathematical ability.”

I’m anxious to read the actual paper and judge the claims for myself.

2 thoughts on “Interesting article: “Female teachers transmit math anxiety to female students”

  1. hiiiiiii! will the actual paper be posted through the same link? if not, could you please forward it my way? i’ve actually been thinking about teaching math at the elementary school level (especially at the feeder ones to the middle school where i’m at the moment) to figure out why the math just isn’t sticking with these kids as they progress through the grades. this will be an interesting article to check out!

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