Next time, on “Adventures in Teaching”…

Today was the last day of school for 2009, woo hoo!!!

Many students were absent from school today and I didn’t expect a lot of learning to happen today, but I was really happy about an interaction with one of my Algebra 1 students. I’ve been a bit confused by this student because his English skills seem extremely poor (can’t form even simple complete sentences in English) but yet he tells me that he understands what we do in class. He finally turned in homework for the first time on Wednesday and I realized that he is not doing his homework because he doesn’t understand the directions and problem statements. (DUH!)

We sat down today and with the help of Google Translate I was able to communicate with him and start a glossary of important mathematical words such as “expression” (the mathematical kind) or “order of operations.” He eagerly started working on homework problems that he had left blank. He also agreed to come after school starting in January for tutoring. Progress! Yay!


This blog will probably be quiet for the next few weeks as I go into hibernation. To encourage you all to come back in January, I leave you with a little cliffhanger…  Rumor has it that some teachers are going to be let go at our school at the end of this semester (end January). Our counselor talked to me about some possible changes to my course load. (I guess that means I’m not one of the teachers that will be let go?) I may pick up an entirely new Algebra 2 class. I’m really praying that I don’t have four preps. Stay tuned for the exciting resolution next time on “Adventures in Teaching…”

Happy holidays, everyone!

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