More misbehaving

Today was extra fun because of some students throwing little bits of linguini all over the class. Oh joy!

The teacher with whom I share a classroom is doing a cool project (relating to the sine and cosine) and among the art supplies was a package of uncooked linguini off to the side of the room today. A student thought it would be so funny to steal the linguini, break it into little bits and throw it at people whenever I had my back turned to them. What distresses me more is that this student is very bright and somewhat of a ring leader and so his behavior is immediately copied by others.

I made two of the students who I saw doing this sweep the floor after school. Parents notified.

One thought on “More misbehaving

  1. Oh, kids. Be thankful you don’t have to deal with spitballs (knock on wood!)
    I have definitely confiscated too many hollow pen spitball-shooters!

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