I went to school again today to sit in a classroom with no students. I’ve been told that my classes have been scheduled but they probably aren’t populated with students yet. Meanwhile, my colleagues are struggling with 50, 60+ students in their rooms with not enough chairs for everyone. Sigh…

At least I found time to work on syllabi for my classes.

The syllabi I wrote are similar to the ones that I’m used to writing, except that I included sections on class rules and expectations. I was told that students don’t really read them so it’s better not to put lots of words on the syllabus; just give the important details (no electronics allowed, percentages of homework/tests/other as part of the total grade, late homework policy, etc). I did include some very general learning objectives, however (be able to communicate mathematics fluently, become more self-motivated to learn mathematics, etc).

I met a RSP (resource specialist program) teacher today who will be teaming up with me in one of my sections of geometry to support the needs of six (?) students with disabilities of one form or another. I’m looking forward to that.

One thought on “TGIF

  1. wow. don’t put lots of words on the syllabi? that seems kind of sad to me. if we want to prepare kids for the real world and possibly college, then they should get a proper handout and they should be expected to read it. i’ve read all your posts so far, and they make me rather sad. you are such an amazing teacher and these kids will be very fortunate to have you.

    i looked at the “drawings post” first. i can see why you were saddened. hang in there!

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