Adaptation #1: Much more careful scaffolding (UPDATED)

Today, I'd like to begin a series of blog posts called "adaptations"--these posts will try to capture some of the things that I have to do (or that I will do) differently because of my new environment and/or clientele. Adaptation #1: I have to be much more deliberate and prescribed at setting the stage for… Continue reading Adaptation #1: Much more careful scaffolding (UPDATED)

I am so ready for class to *really* start

I expected my Algebra 1 class enrollment to be relatively stable since I had the same kids in class on Tuesday as at the end of class on Monday. Today, I showed up and there were about 45 students in the room. There were more students than there were chairs so some were standing in… Continue reading I am so ready for class to *really* start

RCHS standardized test results from 2008-09

At the after-school faculty meeting today, the principal showed us California Standards Test (CST) results from last year. For these exams, students' scores are grouped into five categories: Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below Basic or Far Below Basic. The goal is to get all students in either the Advanced or Proficient categories. In 2008-09, of the… Continue reading RCHS standardized test results from 2008-09

My first day of class (sort of?)

There was more chaos today at school, but before I write about it, let me first say that I am SO ABSOFREAKIN EXCITED TO HAVE STUDENTS! I'd rather have chaos than have no students. (Don't quote me on that.) So... I showed up to my third period class today and there were 29 students. Hooray!… Continue reading My first day of class (sort of?)