Was innumeracy a factor in the recent housing bust?

Here's an interesting research article that I found by way of this article in the Economist: "The Fear of All Sums" (May 13, 2010). The authors of the paper found a strong correlation between individuals with poor math literacy and individuals who were delinquent on their loans in the recent housing bust, and this result… Continue reading Was innumeracy a factor in the recent housing bust?

Dirtiest Floor Contest

Lack of janitorial staff and services due to budget cuts at your school? Then you may be interested in this... Announcing: First Annual Dirtiest Classroom Floor Contest Eligibility: Only active classroom teachers are eligible to enter Prize: Lifetime supply of magic erasers, bleach wipes, and tetanus shots Judges: Um.. me. I'm biased, also. How to… Continue reading Dirtiest Floor Contest