Today’s challenge: getting textbooks

Today’s goal was to get books for my students. I was unsuccessful because the textbook office could not locate my classes in their computer system. But even if they could, it seems they’re out of textbooks.

It’s very difficult to teach without a textbook. I can’t assign homework, I can’t ask students to open their book to look at something in class–I have to generate or copy everything that I want them to look at or to do for homework.

Today’s progress: I WAS ABLE TO GET ROSTERS FOR MY CLASSES!! Hooray! I still can’t access the information myself but I got help from our office manager, who figured out that all of my classes are listed in the system under the name “Unfilled Position 5.” I’m quite fond of my new name.

Armed with these rosters, I hope to have more success with textbooks tomorrow.

By the way, in case you were wondering if school is still chaotic, it is. One teacher told me today that his conference period suddenly disappeared when he was informed he had just picked up another class of students. And it’s already the fourth week of school…

One thought on “Today’s challenge: getting textbooks

  1. It’s one argument for year-round schooling, these issues around class movement. Seems to happen every September. I’m guessing it would all still happen though…

    Hope things keep getting better for you. Just run off your fresh copy of CME Project Algebra 1 (TM) 😉

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