My first day of class! (sort of)

Live from RCHS, it’s Period 4!!

I don’t know what class I’m supposed to teach right now, but it doesn’t matter as I don’t have any students right now. (That is why I am able to write this blog post right now.)

I did have two students come to my Period 3 geometry class. That was exciting. My first students! Since we didn’t have enough students to really start class, I posed some problems to them that we worked on as a group (problems involving cell phone pricing plans, shapes, patterns). They both seemed to have fun and I’m glad that as one was leaving, she said that she was going to like her math class this year. (She showed me her Screen Actors Guild membership card–perhaps she’ll be famous one day.)

2 thoughts on “My first day of class! (sort of)

  1. At least some student contact, sounds like all three of you had a good time. The level of chaos is staggering, glad for the contract news. Love the SAG detail, so LA.

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