Awful substitute teacher

My back was hurting pretty badly so I didn’t go to school yesterday. I figured it would be an easy task for a substitute to administer final exams. Hmm…. well….  Today, I got to school and started grading the exams from yesterday and found that many students in that class cheated on the exam. A few students had another student write out the answers for them. I could easily tell because the work was not done in their handwriting. He let one student take the final home. According to students, the substitute teacher sat a the desk and read a book. He apparently didn’t watch the students while they took the exam.


Teachers don’t talk to each other enough

Over the past few months, I keep having the same experience in which a colleague will tell me something that I should have known from the beginning of the year.

For example, last month someone told me that during the 5th and 15th week grading periods I don’t need to assign grades to students; I only need to give warnings to those students who are in danger of failing. Oh well. I did more work than was necessary.

Last week, another teacher told me that I am supposed to use the computer system to take attendance within the first 15 minutes of class. Oops. Haven’t been doing that.

And today, I finally found out the password to the campus-wide wireless network. I found out that we had a wifi network on campus last month (it doesn’t broadcast its SSID), but didn’t find out the password until today. But now… WOO HOO!!! I have access to the internets from anywhere on campus.

I still need to figure out how to read my monthly pay stub. It’s really confusing.

No wonder teachers feel so discombobulated during their first years. They are acquiring all sorts of important information that someone, for one reason or another, neglects to tell them.